In many countries, paying for things using mobile phone (cellphone) apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and includes relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In many nations, online purchasing is common nowadays and increasing day by day. It is because many individuals have their own smartphones which help them to buy things and for online transition. Somehow, it has many drawbacks but
on the other hand
,it has more benefits too. In
essay, we will both in the
, due to increasing development in technology, it is now very helpful to use gadgets and
is because people in
era, having a quite busy life and for that reason sometimes they are unable to present physically.
, there are many benefits. Mobile phones are quite handy and easily can be carried where ever you want.
, it is useful where ever you are, can purchase anything online and make
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nline payment, which can be accessible to save time.
For instance
, in an emergency, if the folk is far away and need to send money. While
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out of town it is very convenient to make the online transition.
, it has many adverse too.
In Addition
, nowadays, hackers are very active to hack bank accounts and it is very dangerous to enter bank detail information on any website.
, online frauds are highlighted because when someone purchases any product online, they ask for advance payment.
For Example
, thieves are everywhere now and your details can be stolen easily. In Chicago, a man was paying bills from his
and hacker hacked his all details after five minutes his
was empty. It is necessary to secure your
and mobile phones too because cellphones have all the information about your
details. In conclusion, in every situation,there are many pros and cons. I personally believe the benefits are more because it makes your life easier.
On the other hand
, if we secure our gadgets and pay attention to what is happening it will be better than before.

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