Learning to play team sports is an important part of a child’s education. Do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that today life of a student has become hectic
as a result
of which they are left with no time for sports.
, I thoroughly agree with the notion that learning a team game should be considered for the development of a child.
essay shall present various point in favour of the narration stated above. To commence with the positives, that indulging a cherub into a group activity is that they imbibe certain healthy habits which they might not get staying with their family only.
is because while playing together children learn how to do something selflessly. Apart from
, they attain a habit of listening to others opinion before imposing their own decisions on a person.
For example
, in Football or Cricket players do not represent themselves only they represent the whole squad. Whatever they will earn will bring a benefit to their teammates as well.
, working in a company they become good listeners and inculcate team-spirit in them. Moving
, the physical advantages of playing games could not be overlooked.
assists younglings to remain in a good physique, as
would help them to burn extra calories and make them more active.
As a result
sprouts would become energetic, fit and efficient in performing various tasks. For an instance, it has been observed, the efficiency of a player is much more than a normal individual to do certain work as the former has a good blood circulation rate.
, getting involved in
activities since a small age might bring them an extravagant career opportunity in their future.
For example
, many Cricketers of our Country get selected from the under nineteen club, once being selected they have a very bright future ahead. In conclusion, as it seems clear that engaging in these physical exercises make a person learn new etiquettes, learn to listen, being healthy and could excel more in the job.
, I firmly agree to motivate the youngster to participate in

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