Some people believe that it is essential to include physical education classes in the curriculum for all school age children. Others think that children's time is better spent on more academic subjects. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Change to a plural noun

The singular countable noun folk follows the quantifier Many, which requires a plural noun. Consider using a plural noun or a different quantifier.

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assume that it is necessary to add the syllabus of physical education in all educational institute,
where as
Correct your spelling

The word where as seems to be miswritten. Consider replacing it.

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others think to be more focus on university subjects which is
Change the word

The double comparative more better may be repetitive. Consider changing this to the appropriate comparative form.

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Replace the word

The word then may be used incorrectly. Review the following notes to determine the appropriate usage for your context.

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physical education. In my opinion, physical education should
be include
Change the verb form
be included

It appears that the form of the verb include does not work with be in this sentence.

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in all
Correct your spelling

The word institues is not in our dictionary. If you’re sure this spelling is correct, you can add it to your personal dictionary to prevent future alerts.

. We will discuss both views in detail.
, it is important to add one more module with other regular subjects. So, that it will be more interesting for
Add an article

The noun phrase youngster seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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oungster. As it will help them to know about physical
Correct your spelling

The word activites is not in our dictionary. If you’re sure this spelling is correct, you can add it to your personal dictionary to prevent future alerts.

, sports and with the upcoming years they will get to know more and more about
For Example
, If the person is
Correct your spelling
fed up

The word fedup is not in our dictionary. If you’re sure this spelling is correct, you can add it to your personal dictionary to prevent future alerts.

with the same routine of scholastic with the help of
Add an article

It appears that an article is missing before the word new. Consider adding the article.

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ew schedule it will be commodious and retain the temptation.
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Include an introduction and conclusion

A conclusion is essential for IELTS writing task 2. It is more important than most people realise. You will be penalised for missing a conclusion in your IELTS essay.

The easiest paragraph to write in an essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is because the paragraph mostly contains information that has already been presented in the essay – it is just the repetition of some information written in the introduction paragraph and supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion paragraph only has 3 sentences:

  • Summary
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Prediction or recommendation


To summarize, a robotic teacher does not have the necessary disciple to properly give instructions to students and actually works to retard the ability of a student to comprehend new lessons. Therefore, it is clear that the idea of running a classroom completely by a machine cannot be supported. After thorough analysis on this subject, it is predicted that the adverse effects of the debate over technology-driven teaching will always be greater than the positive effects, and because of this, classroom teachers will never be substituted for technology.

Start your conclusion with a linking phrase. Here are some examples:

  • In conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To summarize
  • Finally
  • In a nutshell
  • In general

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