IELTS Writing Samples Band 1

nowdays,we live in a modrn world their are alot places we can visit due to the advancement of technology thus we can visit every corner of the world due to this some countries are only rely on tourism as their main source income in the economy. in the following paraghaphs we will discuss about pros and cons of this issue.
It is undeniable that teacher role in a student life is crucial. Most of the time children spent in a school, so it is tutor responsibility to take care of their students. Many people opine that same teacher should be teached to students every year and others think opposite to it, they believe new teacher assign each year. I think new teacher appoint every year has more benefits than same old teacher.
If I were placed behind a podium in front of thousands of people with the entire world watching, I would underscore that people should live the way they want to live.I would handel all economic problems,I would adhere to the nation and encoraged them to live freely.I would told them to always be together like brothers and sisters and strive for each others progress.If I could dream, I would make children diligent to learn to strive for their desires in the future, they should know nowadays without indiscriminante efforts, they can not get what they want.There is ample evidence that the young people can make the world better.So,I would told them everything is arduous but accessible and they should know that No pain,No gain, so they should try.I would faced them to the solution to make the world a better place and teach them
Mostly developed countries have a good infrasturcture in public transportation. All these leads to modern city. However, everything has both bane and boom, in this topic both have advantages and the disadvantages.
Students have now been more and more multiskilled now. There is a genuine need for art subjects and it is important for the diversified growth of students. School going pupil need to explore every aspect of their lives to enhance creativity in them.
Nowadays, a great deal of attention has been paid to studying abroad. Some people insist that students recieve more merits than demerits from studying other countries. I strongly agree with the idea because this helps to aquire the second language and may increase their future salary.
Technology has been changed the working style of people from the past few years and it makes easy for the employees to work from outside their office. People accomplish their duties at home. Therefore, I will discuss both pros and cons work from home and clarifies that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Nowadays, it is argued which is one is the right way to succeed, some people opine that university degrees are the best option to make a career. However, others believe that after school, the student should focus on their job. This assignment indeed to discusses both perspectives and I shall analyze my own views.
Whilst.. Notwithstanding some merits in the former/latter view. My opinion is. Explicated below are my perspectives on both these views and the basis for my belief.
Whilst .. Notwithstanding some merits in the former/latter view. My opinion is.. Explicated below are my perspectives on both the views and the basis for my belief.
Morocco is currently witnessing an economic development of the national touristry sector as well as its significant contribution to this country’s GDP. However, despite receiving the recognition of several Moroccan officials within the field about its spectacular growth regardless of national or international events, Morocco, in my opinion, is under the adverse influence of elements from both inside and outside the industry.
In the contemporary world, it can be seen that massive chunk of youth is migrating to metrpolises. it is opined that majority of the younger generation is moving out of their houses in sub-urban areas to ubran cities for the better employment and education facilities. As most of the organizations and eminent institutes are establishing themselves in modern cities, whereas there is lack of even the basic amenties for a good living standard in far flung villages.Thus, it is becoming a primary reason for this exoudus. In this eassay, I will discuss how the positive aspects of this urge of the young ones to relocate overlook negative points.
A number of remedies can be done to tackle this problem. First and foremost, parent need a balance way works or family to be able to take better care of their children. It is acknowledged that work is vital; However, they also need to keep the last goal in their mind which is a happy family with good children. Reality, well attended kids will find happiness in the protection and love from their family rather than being temped from outside. This, will preven teenagers from bad actions, or worse, illegal acts. In addition, psychologist hold the view that the best way to educate their children is to teach them recognize the true values of life, rather than enjoy life. Instead of spend money at their’s direction to enjoy social conveniences, it is suggest that parents should teach them how to manage money and spend a reasonable way
The increasing of negative human actions are becoming dangerous for the world,whereas some people believed that this action has a positive impact on the earth.I think that human activity has a more negative impact than positive.This essay intends to discuss the causes of this earth damage with examples.
In modern times, this issue has become increasingly controversial among certain demographic in our society.It is often argued that it is batter to accept worse circumstances such as unsetisfied jobs or money problem whilst other disagree and believe that it's superior to try hard in order to improve these situations .However, I am with the latter view.
Technology increased day by day. New adventures are searching by the sciencists and robots are one of them.Robots are important to human's future development on ome extent but they have many side effects which i will mentioned in following paragraphs.