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I disagree with the idea that universities are needed to adjust the ratio of student's gender because aiming to balance the same ratio can cause new discrimination. There are several reasons for them.
Few individuals believe that professional sport players produce best role models for early ages,however some opine they don't.This essay examine both the views.I believe in formal views.
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The bar graph illustrates details about the transport preferences of young people in four different countries. Namely the UK,the US,France,Italy in 2000.
In modern era , human living method exchangeing day by day in various places ,as well as this may wrong impact on family bonding In this I will discuss both merit and demerit but my opinion disadvantage as far more.
some people argue that there is no limit to sharing information on different subjects while others believe that some details are more important to share. i completly agree with the latter viewpoint.
There is not even a shadow of a doubt that authorities have toiled to revamp the healthcare system, by and large, the standard of physical health in first-world countries is diminishing. This essay will expound on the possible reasons for this conundrum, as well as the drastic long-term effects.
Nowadays, job seekers have a wide variety of companies to choose from. There's no denying that working for a small firm can bring some benefits to the employee such as flexibility. However, there will be more advantages when people choose to work for a large corporation. Analysing the limitations and incapabilities of working in a small workplace will prove this.
In conclusion, thanks to the lively and easy-to-understand visual teaching method in this lesson, students will be able to gain some trivial knowledge about the body, vocabulary to talk about injuries and treatments, thereby understand a conversation between doctors and their patients, know how to talk about experiences related to accidents and injuries. Thus, students build an awareness of taking good care of different parts of the body.
In conclusion, through the lively and easy-to-understand visual teaching method in this lesson, students will learn more vocabulary about body parts as well as gain more knowledge about their structure, functions and development of some parts of the human body. Thereby, helping students know how to take care of themselves and be more aware of preserving their bodies and health.
The provided plans illustrate the area of an airport now and how it will look after reconstruction next year.
Investment and attention around the metaverse are rising.
The graph ilustrate the number of tourists visiting acaribbean islannd in the time line of 2010-2017.
In my ,opinion to replace sports or exercise classes only for academic subjects will be an unpractical idea for many students because part of these subjects needs to be an essential part of them, not just to improve academic skills. also in the quality and development of mental equilibrium to be more focused on academic projects.
nowadays people watch television daily but if they watch it for 3-2 hours without stopping it is bad for their eyes but we can learn new things from the television there are different kinds of languages but most people like English some people play channels and YouTube big thanks to CEO of youtube and have a good day
People seen to change in other country, for new opportunies of job, others for improve skills in the lenguages and others to get better quality of life in safe, health and financial.
It is difficult to imagine a life without work which takes nearly a half of human's life time. Most people will argue that having job satisfaction is hugely important for many aspects of a harmonious life. The question is, what exacly need to do in order to get a positive outcome from work and be fully satisfied. In my essay I will discuss what characteristics are exacly contribute job satisfaction and why such an important part of people's life not always easy to gain.
Majority of people think the deforestation is the most important issue that should be solved who others believe global warming has more serious problems for enivoriment. These choice have diffirent impacts which will be discussed in this essay. There is no doubt that the global warming can cause more and more problems for individuals. Some of the most common problems are melting of ice-bags and anomal heat.In the worls there are some places for ice and the global warming cause melting of them . If they continue to melt , more floods will happen in the near future . more over the anomal heat impacts on people deeply .Many of them suffer from the...
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