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I would like to know what the conditions are with this new company. Salary, working hours and others...Some cities have vehicle-free days, when private cars, trucks, and motorcycles are banned from the city center. Public transportation like buses, taxis and metros are advised. To what extent do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
People have two opinion about increasing works furthermore cultural contact between countries. Numerous people seems to them it is a positive development. Nevertheless, other people thinks that assist to loss of national identities.
Kids and students should be taught how to plant food and cook it in their school lessons that's what some people says. In my opinion, I agree with people who said that. However, kids should learn only the easy things for their safety .
Eating so much sugar has a negative effect for health. Some people regard people must measure worth of sugar which they are eating. They must restrict sugar for themselves. It should be noted that during making some products are used so much sugar and anybody don't know it. So government must put special limits that using sugar for making products. And all of the companies must know about these limits and follow them. Moreover, we must decrease advertisements about sugary meals. Because lots of children are addicted to advertisements and they ask parents to buy this product. As a result, because of eating so much sugar changes in their health
This problem has been talking many years because this context important for our lives. when i look around, most people have this problem and this is such a bad situation. In my opinion the govermant is part of this but not all the problem governments fault in that situation is they let to people watch all fastfood marketing advertisments this is the governments fault. second part of this situation is part of the role. Parents role is they also let their childern to eat so many fastfood product this is what i think about that. if you ask my opinion, my opinion is fastfood is the greatest eating product of all time.
first of all i have same idea of first context because young years of our lives has kidness and enjoyment becuse young persons dosen't have any responsable about anything this age's always moving with childhood activities this is what i think of first section. About second section i think it is also true because responsibilite is such a big thing for adult's and this giving us enjoyment and grown man or woman feelings and also adult's persons have's own budget and this pepople's spend this budget what they want after that everything this two thing is also great for human life
It is argued that government should strictly punish citizens who violate the traffic rules from my perspective, I fully agree with this viewpoint that this view can bring safety to local people. Additionally, it even declines traffic violation rates. Additionally, this essay will analyze further the reason why I support this viewpoint in the following argument
It is a common belief that people should create a new divergent type of language with the purpose of bridging the communication of the international gap. Personally, this writer claims that the drawbacks of time need to organize and harmful matters for local culture superior to the benefit of globalization. Besides, this essay will analyze further in the following argument.
It is true that environmental issues such as pollution and climate change affecting citizens worldwide. Although global finding are made to reduce these problems the solutions are not helpful.
At the moment, all of the students who are learning English have a problem. They don't know how can make better an each part in the IELTS. They think it is enough that know grammar and learning new words. For example, for improving English is advised watching English films. But watching has an own conditions too. Firstly, a part of film namely, ten minutes must be make watched and must learn a new words in this part. After have been learnt, must watch a film more. And making it regularly improves your speaking and writing skills too. And note this, you must spend so much time to learn English. And actions which you are doing don't have to stop for one day and it must be continue.
when choosing a job the salary is the most important consideration .i partly agree, in this day and age the job seekers want offer for a position to take a good salary or stable .on the one hand payment shows value of a person at that company, having a high salary shows that the person's position is more important and vice versa. salary solve daily living need, but with low earning can reduce work performance.
The high crime is much occuring and effected to many people. While several people argue that it must reduce to be low-crime. While some think that it will be effecient. In my opinion, I believe that usage of various ways to decrease crime are advantages.
In the state-of-the-art societies, people's emotions such as joyfulness are the most important aspects. Some people thought that human's feeling is created by owner, while others said that it related to people who live around one. This essay will discuss both sides and give writter's opinion that the first supervisor the second.
1) People have different views about that high school education should be concentrated on academic subjects as opposed to useful subjects like music and sport. While there are some benefits to sovereign, I believe that music and sport are usually more productive.
Doing a pleasure activity with a child can evolve more skill and imagination than reading. It has some bullet points which i will discuss in the forthcoming paragraph.
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