For centuries, important parts of education have remained such as reading, writing and maths. With the advent of computers, some people think that computer skill be made as a fourth skill to be added to the list. To what extent do you agree?

Throughout the whole period of the human history reading, writing and maths have composed the core subjects of the school curriculum. Whereas, the discovery of the high technological devices has caused the necessity of possessing
skills as well. I am entirely sure that nowadays children are obliged to gain appropriate knowledge in the sphere of the high technologies for a number of noticeable reasons.
To begin
with, the more the world develops, the more demanded the profession of IT programmers become. Nobody would deny, that these days
specialities are the most well-paid jobs in the labour market. Providing an individual dream of a prosperous life,
he should undoubtedly get familiar with the initial steps of
knowledge from an early age. The most salient example is the recent survey of the Oxford University, which found that more than 50% of the current successful programmers had started introducing the programmes HTML or JavaScript since the
years of school. Alongside it,
and the Internet definitely play a crucial role in the educational system of any country. They afford not only a huge range of information for students, but
provide a variety of teaching methods for teachers.
For example
, how can one manage to prepare an influential presentation without a screen, a keyboard and the Internet? Apart from
, to some extent, computers these days replace the books and the stationery,
, mostly saving the time. In detail, if a few decades ago writing a scientific essay would take weeks of searching information in encyclopedias or other diverse sources, now the time of finding the appropriate issues declined significantly due to the high technologies. In conclusion, including
knowledge in the school curricular program is undoubtedly beneficial for students, as long as it provides a more perspective of career success in the long run and makes the educational process more effective.

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