Tourism is causing environmental problems all around the world. What are the main causes of this? What are some solutions?

One of the root causes of the deterioration of the environment is
is mainly because of exceeding commercial flights and improper ways of throwing trash which is done by tourists. There are a number of solutions which should be implemented to cope with these issues.
, toxic chemicals released from commercial flights which are primarily used by the
industry are making global warming worse yearly. Many studies show that chemical reactions which trap carbon dioxide in the ozone level are byproducts of commercial flights.
is the primary sector which utilizes aviation to transport passengers.
it does not directly influence the rise of sea level, it is a reason for airlines to operate, which is, unfortunately, destroying the planet.
, inappropriate ways of dumping junk are
creating problems for local
sites. Take Ha Long Bay as an example, garbage which is thrown away by visitors is stuck in numerous rivers, which has exterminated fishes and birds in surrounding areas for years.
As a result
, ecosystems have become unbalanced in many
sites. There are two effective solutions to deal with environmental problems caused by
. One way to tackle
is to limit the number of annual commercial aircraft which can enter a country.
method will surely reduce the amount of unfriendly environmental chemical produced by aviation.
, the negative impact of using planes to transport passengers will lessen.
, another method of dealing with disposing of litter improperly is to implement heavy penalties.
solution would hopefully deter sightseers from taking any chances to get rid of unwanted items recklessly because they will pay a bunch of money if they get caught by the authority. In conclusion, imposing a restricted number of
trips and rolling out fines for dumping aimlessly are effective in dealing with environmental problems stemming from
. If governments implemented these solutions, the environmental impact would be decreased.

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