In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

The fourth industrial revolution brings us many changes as well as online essay and audio files. It is true that in some distant future paperback and hardcover novel may vanish from our earth or become rare.
, novels are an unbreakable part of our reality, so I completely disagree with the statement and will discuss it below.
of all, the existence of online novels and audiobooks enlightened fashion readers to now explore the universe of literature. If in the past we used to go to the library or book shop, now we can scroll through some websites and buy publications instantly.
, it does not give us the joy of eventually grasping the book we wanted for some time or touch the cover we always loved.
feeling can not be achieved by just buying an online book and reading it on Kindle or other electronic devices.
For example
, the "Booktok", a specific niche in Tiktok still gains hundreds or even millions of viewers in a month. The success of these videos made many non-readers buy novels and fantasy essays and even some type of videos were named "The works Tiktok made me buy". It is a perfect example of essays still playing a large role in our society and community.
, literature and writing take a vital part in erecting the individual as much as music and art. The same form songs and drawings are accelerating in the modern earth, the same style of literature will not slow down its progress. As self-publishing became one of the main sources of young writers showing their works to nature, more and more edition are published.
For instance
, the Amazon and Kobo Books declared that half of their revenue in the books section comes from paperback and hardcover manual from young writers, which leads to the resolution that published essay are still successful and necessary. In conclusion, online fiction may offer an easy form to read and travel in the nature of fantasy or romance, but the actual paperback novel that you can touch and smell will never be replaced with some software or programs, as it is the part of our origin and development.

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