Rich countries often give financial aid to poor countries, but it does not solve poverty. So rich countries should give other types of help to poor countries rather than financial aid. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Views differ on whether developed
should offer either money or other kinds of help to the developing
for poverty solving.
both views are reasonable as each has its own merits, I agree with the latter one.
To begin
with, it is undeniable that financial support plays a critical role in accelerating a nation's growth. In the world, there are many examples of rich nations which donated money in the form of fundings, loans to the poor ones with a view to improving the living standards in these nations.
can be illustrated by the fact that Japan once provided Vietnam with some large loans without being repaid . Owing to
, Vietnam had adequate potential finance to upgrade its infrastructure in many cities.
, it is true that sometimes financial aid does not completely go to people who actually need it.
, to tackle
problem, there is nothing better than giving specific help
as donating food, medical items,...
For instance
, in the outbreak of CoronaVirus, several
have given aid to others by sending doctors and nurses to the areas which are heavily suffering from the pandemic in order to treat patients there.
, in terms of education, developed
can assist low-income nations by providing scholarships, educational opportunities which are a great way to help students purchase their studying career. In conclusion, from some aforementioned justification, my firm conviction is that wealthy
should take many different ways into consideration to support the poor
more directly and effectively.

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