In some areas of the US a curfew is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. What is your opinion about this?

Students always have an urge to enjoy the nightlife of the city.
, it is restricted to step outside at
in some part of the United States without an adult along . I completely agree with
decision and in
essay, I will through some light on the reasons to justify my stand.
To begin
with, it is dangerous for kids to walk outside at
as there are criminals who can take advantage of their innocence and can harm them. It is easy to manipulate
and they can be easily influenced as compared to adults. Many crimes against
are at the surge which is generally, committed at
For instance
, a report published by the New York times states that 1400
are kidnapped every year and
asked for an enormous ransom in exchange for their ward. In the worst cases, they kill the child if their demands are not fulfilled.
, it is not safe to step outside as far as security is considered.
can acquire bad habits if they tend to go outside on a regular basis. They can consume drugs and indulge in illegal activities which can ruin their future. In fact, it has been found that
steal money from home or perhaps, can commit petty crimes
as chain snatching to fulfil their desire for drugs.
For example
, an article published in the daily times has shown a significant number of teenagers getting involved in
criminal acts.
can jeopardize their future. To summarize, teenagers should not be allowed to step outside the home at
alone due to the multiple implications discussed above.
, it is clear that having an adult accompanied by their side can be of utmost importance. After a thorough analysis
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subject, it is predicted that letting a teenage go outside at a certain time at
can be dangerous in many ways.

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