Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us all want to do the same and look the same. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

have stimulated businesses to increase their sales.
, an array of masses considers that it promotes an identical look among the individuals. I strongly support
viewpoint and related ideas would be captivated in the following paragraphs. There are a plethora of reasons behind the disadvantages of
using numerous mediums of information. The foremost one is concerned with extravagant expenditure on marketing that allures the majority of the folks to make the purchases of identical clothes which
eliminates the uniqueness in the clothing patterns as well as types of costumes because the business ventures heighten their sales using lucrative discount offers on these commodities.
For example
, the 70% discount on GUCCI shirts attracts the youngsters to purchase
piece of cloth,
as a result
sort of practice encourages a large proportion of the teenagers to wear identical dresses in order to eat a humble pie.
, another burning issue with excessive
in context to buy similar clothing products is related to the birth of new hosiery firms which manufacture duplicate branded costumes to incite the individuals who possess strong impulsiveness to have clothing products that require an arm and a leg.
For example
, a labourer who tosses and turns at nights to earn bread and butter for his family fascinates to buy an Armani suit, mimicked branded commodity that would quench his thirst at a reasonable price.
behaviour would force the public to look identical. To conclude,
, the
are quite essential to boost sales, yet the demerits of wearing similar products cannot be neglected.
, it is a liability of the governments to grasp the nettle of production of identical clothes to maintain uniqueness.

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