To what extend do you agree. Traditional methods will be erradicated by new technology.

There is no doubt that new
has witnessed considerable progress during the
decade. While some people believe that these new methods will lead to the extinction of the traditional lifestyle, others take the view that both approaches can coexist. I tend to agree with the latter argument, and, in
essay, I will support it with examples.
, it is true that traditional methods may become extinct in the future if we do not preserve them because new
involves some changes.
, we can adapt these new systems on our behalf, so it can support the current system and it can help us to improve as a society.
For instance
, some jobs can either disappear or improve with
as translators who can use these new applications to progress. If we dominate
of letting
to control us, we can maintain traditional ways of life.
, traditional lifestyle and
ought to coexist to improve our lives.
, old-fashion methods can be tedious, which may make our lives more difficult.
For example
, the way our ancestors used to work at their farms was harder than these days, when they can use machines to aid them in their duties.
As a result
, we can leave the hard part of jobs to new
, and live more year with better health. If we combine both worlds, we will improve life quality. To reach a conclusion, while I accept that some people may think that traditional ways will disappear, I firmly believe that both traditional and new approaches can live together, and improve our lives.
, it is clear that it can make a valuable contribution to our life's quality.

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