Many people argue that zoos where creatures are contained in artificial enclosures should be banned in this century.

Many people argue that zoos, where creatures are contained in artificial enclosures, should be banned in
essay totally agrees with
statement because it is cruel to keep an animal in a confined space, and nature programs allow us to view
without the need for a zoo. The
reason that
should not be kept in artificial enclosures is that it is inherently cruel.
That is
to say that as human beings, we are intelligent enough to know that the animal is suffering and if we decide to do it anyway; we are causing unneeded pain and discomfort.
For example
, Sea World in California recently admitted that their whales were depressed and not in optimal health because they can’t swim in the ocean, but decided to keep them in the park because they were a big attraction. The
main reason is that high-quality documentaries remove our need to see
in captivity.
is because TVs have
high-quality screens and programmers are now able to offer us a very intimate glimpse of
in their natural habitat.
, we can get a better insight into the lives of wild
by staying at home.
For instance
, the BBC recently produced a series called Life in the Undergrowth which allowed us to understand the lives of insects in stunning high definition. In conclusion, wild
should all be allowed to live freely because it is evil to trap and force them to live in an animal park and television shows about
allow us to learn about them without going to see them in person.

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