Some people think that money should be spent on protecting endangered species while others think it is a waste of valuable money. What is your opinion?

plays a very important role in maintaining ecological balance and it is commonly believed by many that
should be spent on protecting endangered
, others think that it is a waste of valuable
. In my opinion, I believe that it will be good to spend
on helping to maintain these
will be discussed in the course of
essay. One of the major reasons why
needs to be spent on these
is because of the food chain. In
wildlife, one animal is depending on another so if one of the
get extinct
will going to disturb the whole food chain.
For example
, in the forest, the tiger
is carnivorous which only eat meat, in other ,words kill another animal and feed themselves. If tigers are getting extinct there will be a disturbance of the food chain. Another reason to protect these
is owing to the fact is that the loss of ecological biodiversity. In some ,countries there are separate organizations and authorities for preserving these animals.
For instance
, in ,Australia there are lots of zoos and sanctuaries which are the part of the government to look after these
and are directly funded by the government.
, it is very important to protect these rare
. To conclude, undoubtedly, spending
on these endangered
is a valuable decision because these rare
not only maintain wildlife but
helps to stabilize the ecological biodiversity.
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