Every country has poor people and every country has different ways of dealing with the poor. What are some of the reasons for world poverty? How can the poor be helped?

has become a global issue. While some countries succeed to solve
problem, others struggle to support their poor citizens. In
essay, I will discuss the reasons for world
and the remarkable measures that I believe should be taken by governments toward their poor citizens. There are two paramount causes for the global
issue. The
reason is the increase in the rates of the world population. Since the number of people on the planet exceeds the number of resources, resources are being controlled by the rich. Egyptians,
for instance
, have become more than a hundred million citizens in the
decade leading to the exacerbating of
in Egypt because the government has been unable to offer food and shelter for all of these people.
In addition
, the gap between the rich and the poor is another pivotal reason. Because of the loss of social assistance from the rich to the poor and the raise of taxes on income and accommodation many parents suffer to provide a reasonable standard of living for their households. In a word, the increase in world population and the decrease of social help for the poor are the quintessential causes of the global
issue could be solved through several governmental measures to help the poor. Governments should raise awareness of their people for the necessity of birth control. The should launch awareness campaigns through the media and legislate laws to punish parents of more than three children by paying more taxes, whereas giving assistance for small families. Countries
as China have already succeeded in legislating these laws and controlling their human expansion.
, governments should support the poor and lower taxes on food and accommodation.
taxation policy will secure a good standard of living for the poor.
problem could be solved through governmental efforts to offer ways for the poor to lead a humane life. In conclusion,
is the result of the increase in the numbers of individuals living on the planet and in the lack of social support for basic humanitarian needs.
, authorities should allocate funds to help the poor have small families that could find food and shelter.
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