Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organisation. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

In the contemporary era,
of working for a company,
prefer to work for themselves.
essay would discuss the reasons for
, it would elaborate
Change preposition
on the

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demerits that could arise if a
opens up their own business. Since
enjoy the freedom of working on their own projects.
, people prefer self-employment rather than working for someone else. If a
is working on a personal assignment,
he or she could set up a deadline for the project as per their schedule.
means that they do not need to report the progress to a team lead as they would normally do while working for a company. They just need to communicate with their client.
As a result
, people tend to open up their own business.
For instance
, according to a recent survey held in India, which is a country situated in Asia, the younger generation finds it fascinating if they open up their own company. On the downside, there are certain demerits of self-employment. Since there is no guarantee that a
would receive a project on their own.
, there is no assured income that they would receive at the end of the month.
means that the remuneration that a
would acquire in a month would depend upon the projects that they complete in
time period.
, If
do not have any projects of their own,
they would be forced to dissolve their enterprise due to the financial crisis.
For example
, according to the government of Canada, which is a country situated in North America, forty per cent of startups fail in their
year because they do not have adequate clients. To conclude,
essay discussed that people prefer to be self-employed because they cherish the freedom that they obtain while working on a personal assignment.
, it discussed that
would suffer financially if they do not have enough work to sustain their enterprise.
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