People often do not interact with their neighbors and this is harming communities. What are the possible causes and solutions?

a major concern of society is that people don't have any interaction with each other.
circumstance could lead to lots of unexpected consequences for communities. There are several causes for
problem and various approaches could be taken by governments and individuals. there are a variety of reasons why community have a tendency of being more introverted and passive. The most obvious reason is that with the development of high technology devices
as the latest version of a smartphone, crowd pursuit to possess one and be excited to discover its function. Being provided with a huge number of amazing app stores and thrilling game centres, humanity virtually is attracted and spend all of their leisure time staying indoors and sit in front of the screen.
, they
have thought that it is unnecessary for them to go outside and make a short conversation with neighbours because messengers on Facebook or Skype enable them to keep in contact with close relatives
a far distance.
, it is understandable that humanity preference is staying at home and enjoying their own rest of life. Fortunately, several measures could be taken to prevent
issue. The
solution is that the governments should encourage the civilians to do more outdoor activities. To gain
target, governments should allow to construct more stadiums and provide more sports equipment in order to appeal to citizens efficiently to meet and play together.
For example
, by building a new playground, the villagers could organise some sports events
as football or volleyball competitions that gain much attention of civilians. A
measure just depends on each individual that mankind should raise more awareness of the significant role of going outside and talking with neighbours so that they will be more extroverted and outgoing which are really helpful for their career or jobs.
In addition
, these activities
in order not to make
a tedious world with the lack of connection among society. In ,conclusion it is clear that there are various reasons for the lack of interaction of humanity and steps need to be taken to tackle
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