The expansion of multinational companies and increase in globalization produces positive effects to everyone. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement

and the flourishing of multinational enterprises is a ubiquitous phenomenon
that is
benefitting not just the nations but
inhabitants. Both these factors have completely flipped the image of society and its working bringing out positives as well as negatives.
, I strongly concur with the idea that it showcases the positive developments. I will elucidate on my conviction with relevant examples. To commence with, I believe that international migrations have significantly influenced the Education sector. Students are moving into other lands to fulfil their objectives and passions.
For example
, numerous pupils dream about pursuing degrees in the best universities of the
which is made easier due to
, after ,studies they can opt to work in the
nation as indigenous corporations welcome overseas talents. Even the
has become a global village where everyone is living with integrity.
movements are glorifying the countries as well as scholars by giving limitless opportunities.
, viewing the economic aspects of nations, I opine that tourism and the aviation industries are progressing boundlessly through which profits are generated and could be utilized in the uplift of the citizens. In the light of
, corporates can work globally by working on smooth norms helping other lands to alleviate unemployment rates.
For instance
, Google is operating in almost every part of the
linking discrete employees. Moving ahead, the social facet is inescapable. When people move abroad, they meet up and become friends with locals which aids them to know and accept their culture.
, multicultural societies are taking birth welcoming every religion and culture. In conclusion, undoubtedly worldwide movements outshine and assisting the workforce to travel around the
to take every possible chance. I reckon that worldwide firms in connection with
have made the
a better place for everyone.

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