You work in an international compny. You need to take some time off work. Write a letter to your employer. In your letter - explain why you need this time off - give details of when you want the time off - say who can do your work when you are away

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you in case to let me have the holiday
month. As I said before I need to go out in July due to my best friend's wedding. She lives far away from me, so it is
Change the word

The word our may be incorrect in this context. Consider changing it.

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good opportunity to see each other. Before I hadn't ever applied for vacation since I had been recruited for
position in 2019. So
that is
a long time and I have already shown myself as a hard-working person. Particularly I need to have my days off in
Correct article usage
the second

It seems that there is an article usage problem here.

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part of July from 16, July till 30, July. What is more, I would like to remind you that I had written these days in our calendar of holidays which we signed in December. No one from our team won't absent at
time. I spoke to my colleague, whose name is Anna, and she politely agreed to do my work while I am on
Fix the agreement mistake

It seems that holidays may not agree in number with other words in this phrase.

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. I promise to write the plan for her what she needs to do in these 2 weeks and
I will try to finish some of my duties. I am looking forward to your email. Yours faithfully, Maria
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