The expansion of multinational companies and increase in globalization produces positive effects to everyone. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement

and the flourishing of multinational enterprises is a ubiquitous phenomenon and are becoming the issue of today.
a phenomenon has both positives and negatives impacts on societies ,
, I am in favour of the idea that showcases positive development and I will elucidate on my conviction with relevant examples.
has made the world a small village where it becomes easier to relocate from one place to another. many students prefer to pursuing degrees achieving their objectives and passions overseas , in the best world universities.
, they may be recruited in the same country where they studied or moved to another nation to find better opportunities ,
in addition
, many famous corporations would bring talented people for its benefit ,
, many chances to be considered in the light of
, corporates can work globally by working on smooth norms helping other lands to alleviate unemployment rates.
For instance
, Google is operating in almost every part of the world linking discrete employees. Moving ahead, the social facet is inescapable. When people move abroad, they meet up and become friends with locals which aids them to know and accept their culture.
, multicultural societies are taking birth welcoming every religion and culture.
, the more economic advances for a nation the more cons they will get.
having a good strong economy is the key to better living standards which uplifted due to flourished firms in their areas ,
, higher wages and easier life teacher
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, for instance,

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show examples
for instance
will get double to three-fold salary than what they used to get before . another example, inhabitants will enjoy the new facilities brought to their places after being isolated ,
, more shops and recreational centre will be opened . to sum up,
and the advancing of firms are the key points for any community wishing to develop

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