Some people think that libraries are a waste of resources and money so computers should replace them. However others disagree. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Nowadays, within our stage of modernity, our tasks have been modified to simplification as well as the populations are able to access the information from the internet since there is a diversity of details.
, some individuals believe that libraries are a waste of resources while others against the comment. The purpose of
article is to have a view on the indicated topic and distribute my own perspective point.
To begin
with, it is agreeable that technology is no longer a stranger in our activity. By its function of tackling problems and plays the role of assisting anyone who is willing to learn and explore knowledge.
, the interference of computers has been involving in human's life for a decade since we are feasible to manipulate its advantages.
For example
, many people use the online network as a tool for a wired business which has become a trend recently.
, with the capability of a computer, many schools are planning on characterizing our traditional way of learning to reap the benefits of automation. So, it is indeed to conclude that the computer has become indispensable in our life.
On the other hand
, because the appearance of machinery does not mean we have to abandon the existence of the libraries. One of the reasons is many elders still prefer to read directly from a book, and it would be more trustworthy for readers because networked information is not always prestigious.
In contrast
, a book does due to it was produced under an author's name so it is hard to find a false claim on a book. Another reason for those who are not fond of utilizing a computer, children are presumed to not concentrate on their learning's mood on the computers by the virtue of entertainment factors. To illustrate, they can catch attention from their favourite online games or movies
the process of achieving knowledge can be influenced. To sum up,
computers have their method of progressing and efficiency.
, libraries are
vital for the sake of educating children in a proper pattern.
, I strongly disagree with the idea of the question.
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