Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organised and in correct place. What is your opnion about this?

For some people, it is crucial to organise the house and the workplace, by making sure that everything is in its right
. I share the same opinion, I believe that putting everything in its correct
is rewarding for emotional and practical reasons.
, chaos in my opinion is depressing and creates a bad mood that lasts for a long time, while having everything in
is relaxing.
For example
, if a house is unorganised, it looks smaller than reality, because of the lacking of any empty clear space.
, it creates an illusion of being trapped unable to move in a compact space, and
that is
very emotionally disturbing. Alternatively, living in a tidy home not only reduces the stress level but
gives a sense of peace to its occupants and visitors. Another reason is that it is better to work in a clutter-free space to have better productivity levels. To illustrate, searching for a tool in a chaotic workshop is a time-consuming process;
, it carries out many hazardous challenges.
, a workshop worker may perform poorly and inadequately because of his unorganised working environment.
As a result
, the sustainability of his business is on the stack.
By contrast
, an organised workplace contributes to a safer and more efficient work process. To conclude, I agree that it is important to keep our surroundings organised.
That is
because being in a tidy
is beneficial emotionally by keeping us out of depression, and practically by elevating the level of productivity.

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