Teenagers in some nations work at jobs while they are still in school. Do you think it is a good idea for students to have jobs? Use specific examples and reasons to explain your answer.

Nowadays, some students start working along with their studies. In some nations, it is a common trend that teenagers work from their early age.
, it is beneficial for them to work during their studies, there are some consequences of working with study related to their health. Let us discuss both merits and demerits of the same in the following paragraphs.
and foremost, working during school is a good use of free space for youth.
, it helps the students to learn about their responsibility, punctuality, the value of the money and managing time.
For example
, When they purchase things, they plan their budget according to their need.
In addition
to it, a job during study reduces the money related burden from their family. Apart from that, during the job, teenagers gain more knowledge and experience as they interact with new people at their workplace.
, they feel independent and can plan their future
. On the other side, a job with study has disadvantages too. It distracts the pupil from their course ,
For instance
, sometimes the youngster leaves their classes for earning more money at their early age which affects on their future.
, the pressure of handling both studies and work can lead students to mental as well as physical health-related problems during their early age.
, Working pupil has less time to participate in extra-curriculum and other activities
as movies, parties with family and friends as these activities are an important part of their life. In a nutshell, I think working along with their school will be beneficial for teenagers in their future. At the same time, enjoying themselves with family their family and friends are
an integral part of their life.

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