Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions.

Levels of delinquency are soaring at high rates in many cities around the globe. It is because younger generations are more easily influenced and tend to copy almost everything they see on the television or in the media. Stricter policy about content and regulation of screen time may solve
issue. One of the
reasons for increasing crime among youngsters is an excessive amount of violence translated from the news, films and TV series. These sources of information demonstrate a lot of crime scenes that inexorably stay in the minds of young ones. A prime example would be the TV serial called Breaking Bad. Despite the scenes of violence, many teenagers liked and discussed every season of
, there are some YouTube and Instagram bloggers that encourage youngsters to do law-breaking things.
For instance
, there was a challenge initiated by bloggers which constituted the idea of punching strangers. There is a couple of possible solutions for
, stricter rules about content in the mass media may greatly reduce the amount of violence seen on the screens.
, if parents had regulated the time spent by their children in front of the screens, the levels of delinquency would have been much lower.
For example
, recent scientific studies proved that teenagers who spent less time watching videos on YouTube or video clips on Instagram had a more stable psyche and did not have problems with social interactions. In conclusion,
the levels of youth crime are increasing because of the mass media,
issue can be solved by the efforts of the governments and parents.
approach will prevent younger generations from the examples of negative patterns of behaviour.

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