In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping centres or malls to do their shopping. Is this a positive or a negative development?

Nowadays a lot of people prefer to purchase at large shopping centres
of going to small stores.
has led to the closure of many retail outlets in recent times. In my opinion, it is not a positive development and will give my reasons supporting the argument. Since the advent of large shopping complexes, the fortune of small retail traders has flipped as many of these are on the verge of or are already out of business. The low turnout at these stores can be attributed to the fact that buying goods in a supermarket is far easier and convenient for customers rather than in a small shop.
For instance
, the options buyers can get in a superstore is far more compared to a single outlet.
, these supermarkets tend to offer different sorts of schemes for consumers which a retailer cannot afford.
For example
, there are often discounts on bulk purchases of grocery or cosmetics in a mall or a big complex. The impact of low footfall in
shops can be devastating for the shopkeepers as they are not able to generate enough revenues to meet even their basic needs like rent, electricity and so on. For malls and shops to coexist, the government will have to step in by providing aids to these shop owners which will help them in competing against the giants of malls or supermarkets.
For example
, collateral-free or low-interest rate loans can be provided to help them expand their business and somehow match the facilities or buying experience a supermarket is offering to its customers.
In addition
, the number of big complexes can be limited in a particular location so that local vendors are not forced to shut. In conclusion,
, large supermarkets are important, yet, local vendors or small shop owners should be aided or helped to survive the changing customer needs. Both malls and shops should coexist for better socio-economic growth.

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