Some people say that computer skills should be added to primary subjects in elementary school such as reading, writing and math. How far do you agree or disagree?

It is commonly believed by many individuals that talents involving computer skills should be included as a primary subject in educational centres. I strongly agree with the above statement to a huge extent and
essay will explain the reasons supporting my views. To commence with, there are many reasons why I think technological education should be added to the primary category are as follows.
, in
contemporary world development in technology is vital, rapid and keeps changing, which
contributes to improving the lifestyle of the society.
, enables children to adapt to a future that will be filled with software, applications and robotics to perform various activities.
, learning computers at a young age will provide them with an opportunity to explore various methodology, and if properly trained and motivated it will provide us with a scientist or an engineer which will be a pride moment for the nation.
For instance
, a seven-year-old boy in India, who has excelled the software algorithms is now the worlds youngest CEO of a multi-national software company in the US.
, offering desktop skills at elementary school will allow them to surf for unlimited information from various source through the internet.
, with appropriate measures like child lock and enabled restrictions to the unnecessary website along with adult supervision young minds can widely be benefited from
For example
, if a student is required to collect more information on a specific topic he would be able to complete it with the help of a computer and different sources which are available online To conclude, I would like to reiterate that computer literacy is a largely required skill set in future,
it should be added as the main subject like math, reading and writing.
, considering the coverall merit that it could bring in to an individual, I suggest
field of study must become mandatory in future in all schools.

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