The best way to improve health is to exercise daily. To what extent do you agree?

Exercising regular plays an increasingly pivotal role in our health and the ability to be
disease free
Add a hyphen

It appears that disease free is missing a hyphen. Consider adding the hyphen(s).

show examples
and without being stressed is certainly an advantage.I totally agree
Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

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view and would give my reasons. On one hand,staying physically fit is an important way of improving one’s health.
, when individuals engage in sporting activities
as running,jogging and walking long distance
enables them to be energized for their daily activities.
For instance
, my boss always
Change the verb form

The plural verb come does not appear to agree with the singular subject my boss. Consider changing the verb form for subject-verb agreement.

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to work looking happy and full of life,when asked what makes him have
gesture he explained that he jogs around his apartment every morning.
As a result
, he does not feel any form of pressure from the task of the day.
In addition
, not down with sickness is always desired by individuals so having a daily routine exercise helps to achieve
,health conditions
as hypertension and stroke would be avoided.
, when life throws challenges at people leaving them bothered about
Correct pronoun usage
what they

It seems that there is a pronoun problem here.

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have not achieved yet.
results to being depressed.
For instance
,nearly all young adults in the United Kingdom always visit
Remove the preposition

The preposition to seems unecessary after the verb visit. Consider removing the preposition.

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the gym every Saturday.
is because their house bills have increased significantly and they have to work twice as hard as before.So they tend to use the visit to the gym as a form of relaxation from any suicidal thought that might ensue. In conclusion,having
Add an article
the perfect

The noun phrase perfect condition seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

show examples
condition is of utmost benefit. Individuals are
encouraged to work out every morning. I believe that being fit and relaxed can be achieved through exercise
would definitely benefit the mental state of people.

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