Online shopping is replacing offline or shopping from stores.Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Technological innovations have affected almost every aspect of our everyday lives, one of
areas is shopping. It is unarguably true that buying products from shops physically is gradually phasing out, as people are now patronizing online stores.
it may have a positive effect in some way, I'm of the opinion that it has more drawback than benefits.
essay will discuss why shopping online has more disadvantages than benefit.
, one obvious disadvantage of buying thing from the internet is that you do not get to see nor feel the item before placing an order for it.
is because goods bought online cannot be felt and what you see on the screen may differ from the actual thing,
, one may end up being dissatisfied about it, leading to a sour relationship between the customers and the store involved as some malls don't take back items after delivery.
For instance
, there was a time I ordered clothes online and the product description said it was made of cotton, I paid for the clothes and took delivery of it. Upon opening the parcel, I realized the material was of very poor quality and I felt bad and at the same time fell out with the store as they wouldn't take it back and make refunds. Another downside of online shopping is that the poor traders who sell in street markets do not get to sell more of their goods again. A majority of them do not own a smartphone, and
cannot advertise their services on the internet, and
as a result
, may affect their daily earnings.
For example
, recent evidence indicates that those who showcase their services on the internet are able to make more sales than those who do not, as people these days love the comfort and would not want to go through the hassles of going to the market to shop. In conclusion,
online shopping has made life a lot easier, despite
, I think it is still better to shop physically as you will get to see, feel, make your choice and
get the value for your money.

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