Do you think more and more people choose to stay single is a positive trend?

Nowadays, there is a rising trend for staying single among many
. In my opinion,
a tendency has more negative sides than positive ones because
need social interactions and more attention from others when getting older.
of all, social interactions are one of the vital parts of human life. Regardless of gender, even independent persons or asocial introverts need someone's presence as it creates the inner feeling of safety and calmness.
, daily conversations and meetings with close ones increase the level of an essential hormone called oxytocin.
For instance
, scientific studies proved that
who lived alone tended to be more depressed and died, approximately, 10 years earlier than an average non-single person.
, the presence of someone close is especially important when a person attains old age.
some of the old
do not have health issues and can take care of themselves, the lion share of them cannot do even simple things without assistance. A prime example would be abandoned, old
. They have to go to special organizations where the necessary help is provided because some of them cannot even walk. At their age, there is a high risk of being injured while doing any kind of activity. In conclusion, staying alone, in my opinion, is a negative trend which can result in a great number of
suffering from depression.
, at old age, most of them may need help because of problems with health. I would recommend staying away from virtual reality and focusing more on real interactions with others.

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