It is sometimes said that people should be encouraged to get married before they are 30, as this is the best both for individual and society. Do you agree or disagree?

Some say that creating a family before 30 should be encouraged because it is beneficial for society and individuals. I totally disagree with that because some
are in their prime from the career perspective, while others do not have enough resources for having a comfortable life.
, a lion share of
does not possess the necessary amount of money for comfortable living as a family.
leads to many arguments and squabbles within a family that might result in divorce.
In addition
, due to the fast-paced world and pressure from society,
do not devote a sufficient amount of time to discovering their partners' hobbies, interests, values and principles.
In other words
, neglecting the earlier-mentioned things can be the root cause of serious problems in the future for any couple.
For instance
, in Russia, more than 60% of young couples that started a family before 30 get a divorce.
, some professions require the best fitness level which might be lost after 30.
, it is almost impossible for some professionals in their prime to devote time to family and work simultaneously.
, for
working in spheres requiring the best shape and health starting a family may not be suitable as they can miss the chance of reaching higher goals and achievements. A prime example would be young athletes that won the Olympic Games. A great number of winners did not have their own family before the Games as it would take a lot of valuable time that could be spent on preparation. In conclusion, I firmly believe that encouraging
to get married before they reach 30 is not the best suggestion as some individuals have not reached their financial goals while for others young and healthy body is required by their speciality.
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