Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Criminal activities are surging due to numerous reasons in society. Authorities have taken steps to control crimes
as imposing massive money fines on delinquency which is vital to plunge the rates of criminality. Controversies are present on
specific notion as the school of thought consider it requisite for the serene and secured environment of the community, while others deny it. I partially concur with
conviction and elaborate it with suitable examples. To commence with, It is clearly noticeable that violence has soared in the world over the past few decades due to certain issues. As a consequence, offence among citizens is becoming a global problem. Ample experts recommended the fine heavy amount so that people do not repeat the same incident again and learn from it. Even, I reckon that it is right as if
is not done masses will not be intimidated by the law.
, it might become a common act if not resisted at the right time and results would even be more catastrophic in a long time.
For example
, putting fines on burgery and corruption cases in the country will ameliorate the problem. There are countries that impose heavy funds on felonies to teach the lesson.
, other nations must be followed
, it would not be wrong to say that some misdeeds can be cured by filling large amounts. Elucidating the flip sides, I believe that
act will not do good to the destitute who under some circumstances inculcate in wrong practices. They need the right guidance and not exorbitant capital penalizing.
For instance
, a person involved in the theft of food because he/she does not have enough income to buy two times eatables items for the family.
, heavy damnation should be considered after viewing the economical status of the delinquent along with the situations. In conclusion, in my opinion, the government should look after the balance approach and research rightly before enacting
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