school teachers used to be the source of information . However, some people argue that teachers are not as important as before as the increasing variety of information resources. Do you agree or disagree.

it is believed by certain people that the role of teachers has been superseded by the growing number of informative resources.In my opinion,I completely disagree with
perspective as an evolution of any kind of technology can never replace the intelligence and skills of an instructor.
, the predominant reason why tutors play an essential role in the education of youth is that they can simplify the studies due to their years of experience and skills.
In other words
, they can teach youngster by coming down at their levels and works according to their requirements to strengthen their weak points,unlike, technology which just simply delivers information and does not make any effort to improve their performance.
For example
, it has been proved through research that students understand and gain more knowledge with the involvement of direct educator rather than online studying.
, a computer can provide data but mentors' presence can make the learning process much easier and faster.
In addition
, teenagers and school teachers via face-to-face conversation can clarify doubts more feasibly. Another point to consider is that along with academic studies, youngsters
have practical courses at school which needs proper demonstration and on-site display.To illustrate, certain syllabus
as Physics,Chemistry,and Biology,all involve practical experiments.As professor have to show juvenile how to perform experiments, which need to use precautions for the safety of young youngster,specifically, in the Chemistry and Physics lab. whereas, a computer is unable to monitor adolescents work and safety. In conclusion,I disagree that the teacher's role can be switched with other information sources as they contain in-depth knowledge and know techniques how to impart education among pupils of different levels.

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