Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person's culture and character from their choice of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?

In the past few decades, the preference of clothing to wear varies from one generation to another. Others concur that an individual's option of apparel could represent their cultural background as well as their character. I totally disagree with
statement. The cultural background can be identified by someone's preference of clothing but not applicable to almost everyone.
For instance
,Muslims are often recognized because of their traditional clothes which they use on a daily basis.
gives us the idea that they are Muslims who have unique praying rituals, beliefs and traditions just like any other cultures. It is,
, may not be evident to some other nationalities with diverse cultures.
, in a country like Abu ,Dhabi there are a lot of expatriates who belong to different cultural sectors
as those from India, Indonesia and the Philippines, even with their physical attributes, it is quite hard to classify them,
when we only based on their choice of clothing since people of different nationalities mostly wear similar clothes like blouses and pants.
, one's clothing selection is not the basis of a person's character.
, in the modern world that we are into, our way of dressing is often affected by the current trends and it does not do anything about who we are.
For example
, one of the most recent fashion style of clothes today is a long dress with puffy long sleeves that shows a little of their skin. In social norm, a person who wears
attire may be regarded as decent and conservative which is not true all the time.
, not all individuals who prefer to wear some flange necklines and mini skirts are scandalous and lack self-respect.
, not everyone who chooses to dress conservatively is kind and decent. In conclusion, some could plausibly detect someone else's culture and a few of their characters with the way they dress.
, I disagree that a person's choice of clothing can divulge someone's character and culture.
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