Many young people are leaving their home in rural area to study or work in cities.What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?

In the contemporary world, the migrant of youth from the countryside to cities is rising. It is opined by many individuals that it is a positive development while others argue that it has a plethora of downsides. In
essay, I will explain about what are the causes of
shift and why I feel it is a beneficial trend.
To begin
with, there are two main pivotal aspects for the movement of young people to urban areas.
, there are very few schools or colleges in villages for higher or better training facilities. A teenager will not be able to get any professional study in a remote area,
for instance
, there is a scarcity of good job convenience in rural areas so that youngsters can have a better quality of life. A young person cannot indulge in high-profile work, to exemplify, if there is no workplace around him.
, leads to the provocation of young persons towards the metro cities. While there are few negative impacts of
faz, the benefits are far more.
, when the youth moves from small towns to the big city, they have widespread exposure to different educative courses or options. To cite an example, one can enrol in skilled learning in an urban place, as it is not available in a village.
, there is more availability of employment in metros rather than the countryside. One can apply for different vacancies in bigger cities as there is plenty of opportunities for the young person,
for example
as a result
, helps in better opportunities and advanced knowledge. In conclusion, we can say that due to better employment and literacy facilities the youth prefers to migrate from less developed to developed places. It is quite positive for the young generation in terms of study and job opportunities.

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