Ratio of poverty is increasing worldwide. What are the reasons for world poverty? What can be done to help the poor?

Poorer people around the globe are surging. There are a plethora of reasons for
. The same shall be discussed with possible solutions to tackle the issue. The
reason being, unemployment, especially in developing countries. Lack of employment is a common issue leading to a lack of resources.
For example
, even after graduation many youths are unable to secure jobs, be it in the government or private sector, and because of
, they lead their lives in dire need. Illiteracy
another cause. Due to a shortage of adequate money, many people cannot afford an education and are forced to work in fields or factories and
are devoid of literacy.
For instance
, a labourer cannot afford to send his children to school and they will continue to work and follow their father's footsteps and work in fields,
leading a financially challenged life.
, certain measures can be taken by the government of the country to solve
issue. One solution is: increasing the job opportunities for the youth by investing in various firms and
by strengthening the education system so that even the children from poor families can be educated. To illustrate, if a high quality of education is given in government schools like in the private schools, even financially weak students can become professionally strong and be gainfully employed in the future. To conclude, while poverty is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world, it is a problem that can be remedied by committed governments and private sector entities.
measures can be done by creating jobs and supporting economically weak students in their studies with scholarships and other means. A concerted effort at implementing these measures will soon stem the growth of poverty in the world and
on the other hand
increase productivity and economic soundness among individuals.
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