A number of people are moving from rural area to city’s. Is this a positive or a negative development?

Migration from underdeveloped areas to the metropolitan city has more predominant in today’s world ,might be for better living or opportunities that cities are providing .
trend has a more negative impact in near future because of an
and a rise in landfills along with cutting down more trees than required .
To begin
with, the above development would lead to deforestation.
is the process that involves cutting down more trees. Since individuals migrate to urban area vacant space is required to construct flats and apartments ,which would
demand for more area for the same .
for example
,China has introduced a capsule structure because of congested space ,as masses are migrating in number keeping into concern the prospective future .
In addition
, the tree is a vital source of converting Carbon dioxide into oxygen , if vegetation decreased that would automatically bring more unhealthy air to breathe resulting in more germs contained in the environment though trees are not left for conversion of unhealthy air to purified form .
, another negative impact is an
. The reason behind is population
is directly propionate to a number of vehicles on road. If more individuals reside it would ultimately bring overcrowded as an
in air
. To exemplify , a recent survey conducted shows Delhi the most affected area in terms of
which is vice versa to population .
brings down to many fatal ailments :asthma , respiratory choking ,Heart attack . In conclusion,urbanisation is a negative development considering the emission of fumes in surrounding and overcrowding cities .
, better connectivity with rural areas by constructing flyover could be a possible outcome to overcome the problem .
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