In many countries the widespread use of the internet has given people more freedom to work or study at home instead of travelling to work or college. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Is technology a boon or a bane?
is the most arguable issue as with advancement in technology people are able to do their job remotely or do homeschooling rather than commuting to the concerned places.
, I am of the opinion that the environment which we adapt to while working at an office or studying in educational institutions are more beneficial for the overall growth of the company and
for the personality development of a student. Indeed, there are advantages of work from home or online classes as the travel time is cut down. Especially in metropolitan cities where hours are spend commuting due to heavy traffic.
time can be utilized to be with their family members.
, balancing personal and professional life has become easier especially for working parents.
For example
, for a working mother work from home is a blessing since she can manage time for her children and old parents and need not hire a nanny or send them to daycare.
, there are certain drawbacks of online schools and work .eventhough it is comfortable ,employees lack team spirit due to communication gap and may feel left out and will lose interest in their performance,
affecting overall productivity.
, in homeschooling ,soft skills
as discipline, teamwork, competitive awareness and socializing cannot be taught.
For instance
, while on zoom meeting employees or students are not much interactive which they can be, when they are having a face to face communication. To conclude, I believe, even though people have the independence of online education and job at the comfort of their home, the drawbacks namely, a decline in productivity due to absence of team spirit and lack of overall personality development of a child due to inadequate social skills overshadows the advantages.
, the traditional method of going to college and office are irreplaceable.
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