Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?

's interaction methods have been altered by the advancements of technology.
has improved the interactions between various
, and in my opinion, it is positive
because it has increased the working area for professionals. It is true that the advancements in technology have increased the interactions between teachers and students, among family members, and even between governments of different nations. Earlier, these relations were limited to particular groups or areas, and it was a cumbersome task to instantly share ideas or information with other individuals.
For instance
, sharing views through letters is a prolonged process, and it takes a couple of days before a message reaches its destination. But, now, tutors can communicate through video calls, and parents can communicate with their kids who are studying abroad through applications
as WhatsApp and Facebook.
, technological
has reduced the communication gap between numerous individuals.
is a boon for
who want to
without leaving their native places. Teachers can teach their students through video conferencing, and software engineers can
for MNCs remotely from the comfort of their homes.
, technological development is
ensuring the safety of the masses.
For example
, since 2019, most organizations are asking their employees to
from home to avoid physical interactions, which is ensuring their safety from COVID-19 strains.
, some argue that
are getting addicted to applications and websites and losing their social skills; in my opinion,
are more connected because communication has now become fluid.
, it is beneficial
Add the particle
to progress

It appears that the verb progress should be in the to-infinitive form. Consider adding the word to.

show examples
. To conclude, the aforementioned points make it evident that technical advancements have upgraded the relations between individuals.
are dwelling in a more connected world than before, and there are numerous opportunities for them to
remotely without leaving their native areas.

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