Some people believe that new days , people have too choice To what extended do you agree or disagree?

It is felt that recently , the public has been more choices in their life . Without any ,doubt I agree with increasing decisions for
. In the following essay , the reasons for
agreement will be discussed . Mobility and development in technology are the most power full reasons for going up election for
For instance
, the availability of online network website and searching on the internet by using cellphones or other electronic gadgets
Change the verb form

The verb makes does not seem to agree with the subject. Consider changing the verb form.

show examples
it possible to achieve information about our targets
as finding vast brands or kinds of tools on the internet when we intend to purchase something. So , technological and modern equipment are influential in increasing too choice for us because the significant number of data will be more available and comfortable .
, industrialization would be the
agreement with that if
tend to make a decision , there will be many factors for them .As an example , there is a competition between a variety of companies to improve and add their productions and services for attracting
satisfaction .
, many managers and organizations try to do new options with desirable quality for
as a result
of development in industries , there will be many positions to choose
Change preposition

It seems that preposition use may be incorrect here.

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In conclusion , in my opinion , the amount of choice for
has been increased by the consumption of technology and industrialization .
, if it was not available to reach information for our golds and if there was not a competition between companies , increase in choice would not be occurred.

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