With access to the internet and social media websites, many children are exposed to a number of dangerous situations. Adults should thus limit access to the internet for their children. Do you agree or disagree

With the rapid growth of the
, the younger generation is at a high risk of getting indulged in numerous hazardous circumstances. I absolutely advocate the fact that guardians should keep a check on the activities of their off-springs online.
essay will explain the negative outcomes of it on children’s academics and
, we will discuss its devastating effects on the mental health of adolescents.
To begin
with, overuse of the
by the kids can have an adverse effect on their academic aspect. To
explain, time rushes away when browsing on the World Wide Web and
wasting most valuable time is inevitable rather than utilizing it for prosperity.
For example
, one of the top performer students in our school developed a bad habit of chatting on social media and ultimately, he failed in the final examination,
ruining his career.
In addition
to that, an ocean of immoral data is present over the online network that can be dangerous for the mental fitness of youth. Briefly, the age of childhood is a treasure to gain skills and expand the horizon,
, if exposed to the manifold indecent stuff online can develop mental sickness within themselves.
For instance
, a kid in our neighbourhood got addicted to porn at a very young age
destroying his character and moral. In conclusion,
there are obvious benefits of the
misuse of it by children could be extremely disastrous for the future and health of a child.
, parents should keep a keen eye on the activities of their kids on the
and encouraging them to utilize them in a constructive way.
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