16. In some countries, there are not enough medical and educational facilities in rural areas. Some people believe newly graduated teachers and doctors should be sent to rural areas to work for some time, while others suggest that people should be free to choose a place to work. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

have different views on the fresh graduates should be sent to help them in the inadequate educational system and health care services in the countryside. While others think that they have the freedom to choose the place they
. From my perspective, I believe that both have their pros and cons with the reasons.
To begin
with, most
are willing to help the poverty in several countries.
In other words
, we cannot force the fresh graduate to
there. In the countryside in Africa,
for example
, many doctors and teachers are voluntarily given a hand when they faced difficulty.
, if the fresh graduates are following senior level, they can get a different type of knowledge to them, meantime can have a close relationship to the local citizen.
, new things are they learn are different from their institution.
, some drawbacks indicate that scarcity of facilities in the rural areas, most volunteers cannot adapt to the harsh environment and
frequently sick due to lack of basic, they are facing inconvenient.
, long-term services can carry several problems like psychological and mental influence.
On the other hand
, some
think that they should choose a workplace based on their desire. Undeniable, most situations have been happening until recently. As a person who has the power right to choose the things they want.
, the right working area can bring them to feel happier than force to
, the social problem could be reduced.
, when the
are working in their favourite environment, they would have confidence and responsibility to their job task, in contrary, forcing them to certain places might arouse many troubles.
, the worker should have choices depend on the workplace. In conclusion, the forcing way for new worker service in rural areas is not appropriate for nowadays
, they might have choices to choose as a volunteer
there or free to find another workplace.
, I believe both of them have positive and negative sides.
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