Some people believe that children should be allowed to choose what subjects they study at school. Others argue that everyone should study the same subjects. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

it is sometimes argued pupils should study the same
, it seems to me each child older than 12 have can decide what to study. Both sides will be explored in
essay. On the one hand, it is claimed that passing core
play a pivotal role in children's personal and professional lives in the
. Indeed, people would not find a suitable career and meet their day-to-day needs,
as shopping and paying the bills, if they had not studied mathematics and literature. Having a certain amount of knowledge about these fundamentals cannot be optional since many juveniles may not understand their importance.
As a result
, younger pupils who are not mature enough should not choose whatever they wish to study.
On the other hand
, allowing school-age children older than 12 to choose among
allows them to find fields they interested in or talented in. They can focus on these
and cultivate their talents and interests, enhancing their employability in the
For example
, one may find playing the piano as his talent, and he can nurture it to become a successful musician in the
. The ability to choose between different
results in improved decision-making skill which can make children confident.
, teenagers older than 12 can follow the
since they are smart enough to distinguish the right for themselves. In conclusion, I think those younger than 12 should learn core
because they must meet their
, teenagers older than 12 should have the ability to focus on what they are interested in or talented in.
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