Students are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet. While the Internet is convenient, it has many negative effects and its use for educational purposes should be restricted. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

The accommodation of the Internet has been a driving force to the learners' over-reliance on virtual sources. In my view, I totally agree with the view that we should restrict the use of the Internet for education because
trend has many negative consequences that might undermine the quality of study in schools.
the Internet offers a lot of sources to utilize as references for essays, some pupils take
for granted and plagiarise other people's work.
For example
of referring to a text, these learners fully copy and paste from the research journals, with the belief that there are plenty of present papers so it is impossible to identify the original source of a piece of information.
action is regarded as a form of cheating, yet many students get away with it because originality checkers are sometimes not reliable.
As a result
, universities should limit Internet usage for research and writing activities to avoid
, schoolchildren can be overly dependent on web-based math solvers for their homework. In fact, there are many websites that can give an answer to a math problem with explained steps. The tools should be of great use for those who are keen on
understanding of the exercise, but a lot of learners only attempt to get the correct answers and neglect the background calculation. Eventually, they might not retain any knowledge, which diminishes the efficiency of the teaching practice.
, a constraint on online presence is needed for academic institutions to maximize the learning capacity of students. In conclusion, schools and universities should impose regulations on the utility of online materials for learning activities. In order to effectively use these sources of data, students should be more ethical to prevent the violation of school rules and learn with a proper attitude.
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