Advertising discourages people from being different by making them want to be and to look the same. Do you agree or disagree?

There has been a belief that
these days have very similar appearances due to the far-reaching influence of advertising. Whilst there is a grain of truth in
notion, I opine that advertising is not the only factor and
do not always look the same. On the one hand,
’s outward appearance is, to some extent, affected by what they see.
In other words
, many
have a propensity to imitate the dressing styles opted by their friends, or more of the case by their idols, primarily through the medium of movies. In fact, movies are one of the most powerful means of advertising a product.
For example
, Vietnamese young girls tend to buy clothes of the same styles worn by their idols from Korean TV drama series. Another trend now is boys in Vietnam tend to have their hair done with the Korean style.
, advertising is not the sole contributor to making
desire to look like others. Among them is the need to integrate with other members of the community. It is undeniable that so strong is
sense of belonging that it can immensely distress
if they do not attain
. Take teenagers
for example
. There are many cases of schoolchildren being singled out by their peers for not afford to look like others.
can be hurtful and traumatic for those youngsters, especially at
an impressionable age. Having said that,
do not always make the same choices. It is a fact they nowadays many companies have emerged and they provide different lines of goods of the same function. With
variety of choices,
certainly look more diverse.
, even when exposed to the same advertisements,
for example
, ads of a new T-shirt for summer, the chances are that buyers will make a different colour choice and combine it with various accessories or other pieces of clothing, which will certainly distinguish them from others. To conclude, the impacts of advertising on
’s looks are noticeable, but it does not necessarily mean that all
would have identical appearances owing to
an influence.
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