Traditional ideas from older people about the way to live and behave are not helpful to young people and their futures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Conservative ideology from the past generation holds no value to the lifestyle and action of the present teenage people. I strongly oppose
there is still some values and traditions that are useful and should be pass to young people.
To begin
with, many traditional ideas that the older generation will play major roles in moulding the behaviour and character of young people.
For example
, the importance of strong family ties. Children are expected to listen to the advice of their parents and elders as a sign of respect,
, youngsters will gain many benefits in dealing some certain circumstances that they may possibly encounter in the future. By following mores from the past, they will have a foundation to judge their present and forthcoming actions.
On the other hand
, many ideas from the past are less relevant and insignificant to the lives of the younger generation;
for instance
, believing in superstitions that our forefathers had introduced.
In addition
, the traditional belief of educating a male child so that he becomes the breadwinner of the family and raising a female child and she becomes a good housewife is no longer applicable in the modern era. These fixed role of men and women nowadays are unacceptable to society as they hold equal rights.
, young adults, these days choose their life partners or decide when too many which contradict the old tradition of fixed marriage. In conclusion, despite the decreasing relevance of tradition in the modern world, it still holds an important place as a basis for ethical behaviour. ,
it will definitely help the youngsters to achieve their goals and dreams in the future in a proper manner.

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