Some people believe the best way to reduce the number of accidents on the road is to further limit the speed of the vehicle. Others think there are better ways to tackle this issue. Discuss both the views and give your opinion

Does limiting the speed of the vehicle reduce accidents?
is the most debatable issue as few are in favour of controlling the speed of vehicles,while others argue that there are a plethora of ways to solve
problem.I believe various measures can be taken by the government to tackle the above issue.
essay shall
discuss both views with relevant examples in detail. On the one hand, from the perspectives of people who think limiting the speed reduces disaster thinks so because most of the dreadful setback on the road occur due to uncontrolled speed.Youngsters are attracted to thrilling experiences and try to impress their friends by driving high speedy cars .
, they land up in unavoidable circumstances.
For Instance
, studies on the car disaster done in a survey in Mumbai depicts clearly that most of the mishaps are due to overspeeding.
, it is believed that decreasing the speed limits on the roads will deter disaster.
On the other hand
,some folks argue that only controlling the speed will not solve the problem and various measures can be taken to alleviate it by the government.
, unfortunate incidents occur when a person is drunk and drives his vehicle.
, the hazard is most commonly done by an inexperienced driver.
For example
,famous Bollywood celebrity Salman khan was stuck in a case of drunk and drive in the initial days of his career.Henceforth, stricter enforcement of rules for issuing the driving licence and levying heavy penalty on the drunk drivers are few solutions which the government can enact upon. In conclusion, I believe, enforcing strict rules for issuing the driving licence and charging drunk drivers will solve the problem of setback and just reducing the speed limit will not be helpful.

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