Some people believe the best way to reduce the number of accidents on the road is to further limit the speed of the vehicle. Others think there are better ways to tackle this issue. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Misfortunes on the boulevard are every day in the country, including minor and severe mishappenings. The mindset of many residents of society is to curb the speed of automobiles moving on the way to control road accidents; others believe that different measures effectively reduce the prevailing mishappenings, which is a seriously debated issue.
essay will discuss both aspects before my closing verdict. On the one hand, the idea of banning high-speed vehicles is relatively reasonable. The leading cause of casualty on the roads can be attributed to the drivers' negligence in speeding.
In other words
, many people, especially our younger generation, drive very fast, in the desire to do something courageous, with vehicle collisions on the roads becoming common.
For instance
, according to a survey conducted in Delhi, the leading cause of most route accidents is the high speed of automobiles.
, it is imperative to pay attention to reducing the Overspeed of automobiles to save humanity from casualties.
On the other hand
, it is necessary to follow other measures
of slowing down the vehicles of some dissidents living in the society
points to the very right thinking. It would be fair to say that speeding alone is not the only cause of tragic roadway calamity. Alternatively stated, some people use drugs like alcohol while driving, which causes us to have vehicle collisions too;
as a result
, people are very addicted and sometimes they have to lose their lives. Ergo, the government should show strictness on driving under the influence of alcohol.
For example
, the ministry has launched an instrument to measure drugs used by the public, and the quantity of alcohol present in human is assessable.
, the regime takes legal action, and fortunately,
initiative has decreased the tendency of everyone to drive while intoxicated.
, the government should look into more traffic regulations and reduce the number of road accidents. To conclude, in my opinion, controlling the speed of vehicles is an effective measure to some extent.
In addition
, several laws need to be enacted with the government in mind, which can lead to complete control of road calamity, with paperwork and enforcement at the forefront.
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