Is saving more important than spending in today’s world? How far do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer, and provide ideas and examples from your own experience.

There is a growing argument nowadays on the importance of spending and saving
. While there are arguments pursuing the idea that financial conservation should be prioritized over purchasing. From my perspective, conserving
is the superior option.
To begin
, the act of economizing is more beneficial in the long term. It is evident that making in order to make major decisions and purchases, one must access a major amount of
and saving up essential in achieving that goal. To make an example, office worker needs to preserve their earnings in order to obtain a house in the future.
when making crucial life decisions
for instance
getting married, having an accumulated amount of
to spend on it is
a benefit.
, the importance of spending should
be put into equal consideration. Using
on daily necessities could improve the quality of life exponentially. Owning lavished products might not be of utmost importance but it could be a way to reduce daily stress and improve the mental and physical state of people.
, investing in other aspects like stocks could
be a way to elevate one's wealth. In conclusion,
spending brings about considerable advantages, it could
be a complete waste of
that could
be spent on different, more significant actions and purchases in life.

Word Count

IELTS says that you should write a minimum of 250 words in writing task 2. If you go under word count you will lose marks in task response.

A very long essay will not give you a higher band score.

Aim for between 260 to 290 words in writing task 2. This will ensure a concise essay and will be realistic in terms of time management. You have only 40 minutes to write the essay and you need around 10 minutes of planning time, so you will not be able to write a long essay in 30 minutes.

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