In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

It is true that some
are frequently told that if they study well, they will get anything they want. But in some cases, telling them
is not always completely true, I believe there are two aspects within
behaviour. On the one hand, kids can gain advantages from the process of making efforts.
of all, once
message it encourages a desire to attain something, and
, try their best to reach their goals.
For example
, if a boy has an aspiration about obtaining a qualification that can make him enter an elite junior high school, he will study hard enough
, it will nurture qualities
as diligence,
approach not only works on one level
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show examples
will be beneficial with a variety of actions in for future success.
On the other hand
sentence may act as a curse for their whole lives.
, if
are convinced by the declaration that they will succeed as long as they devote enough endeavours,
fail, they may be overcome by self-doubt, and not performing well enough could mentally torture them.
perhaps might lead to some mental and physical illness.
who can not get the result they have expect will not believe the function of struggling anymore, possibly resulting in allowing themselves to degenerate, which could have a long term effect on their future lives. In conclusion, the advantage of telling
they can succeed with hard work may be good for the confident child, but
in contrast
for a less than confident child to be told to do their best, but without any heavy pressure may be the best course of action.

Fully explain your ideas

To get an excellent score in the IELTS Task 2 writing section, one of the easiest and most effective tips is structuring your writing in the most solid format. A great argument essay structure may be divided to four paragraphs, in which comprises of four sentences (excluding the conclusion paragraph, which comprises of three sentences).

For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Sentence 1 - Background statement
    • Sentence 2 - Detailed background statement
    • Sentence 3 - Thesis
    • Sentence 4 - Outline sentence
  • Paragraph 2 - First supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 3 - Second supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 4 - Conclusion
    • Sentence 1 - Summary
    • Sentence 2 - Restatement of thesis
    • Sentence 3 - Prediction or recommendation

Our recommended essay structure above comprises of fifteen (15) sentences, which will make your essay approximately 250 to 275 words.

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