In many countries, today crime novels, and TV Crime dramas are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think these books and TV shows are popular? What is your opinion of crime friction and TV crime dramas

Crime novels and dramas are gaining a lot of attention these days
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the creative ideas and interesting climaxes that creates the viewer interest. There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of these shows that I will elucidate in the essay below.
of all, humans are known for their curiosity about new things. Over time the zest of today's generation turned towards the entertainment industry. With the evolution of online telecasting ,platforms the availability of the drama has gained an enormous audience.
For instance
, the criminal series and readings nowadays use a lot of new techniques and animation for the public.
, more and more people are keen to watch them.
, it is not the only reason for the popularity of thriller content.
, the stories from the past writings are
getting the attention of the readers. As the
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the scenes are usually unpredictable which
excites the readers. Contradictory, there have been several consequences as well. Every coin has two coins and these shows are no exception to it. Recently, many crime incidents influenced by television and stories have been reported. The youth especially is using the criminal ways as they have watched. It is harmful to society as a whole.
, increasing crime is a threat to any citizen regardless of the source of its origin.
, the provoking content is not just contributing more to it but
affecting the mindset of the people. My personal opinion on those kinds of books and TV films is that they provide long-lasting enjoyment and can be a topic for discussions with friends which is certainly a bonus. Everyone likes to provide their take on possible endings or who was the real villain in history. In conclusion, I believe that a credible plot and unpredictability are the main motives why those genres are preferred by the majority of people.
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