Online learning is better than classroom learning. Do you agree?

It is true that the contributions of modern technologies are affecting every aspect of our lives including the way we study and teach. Online
is getting popular nowadays due to its convenience. In
essay, I will discuss the pros and cons of remote
. Learning remotely has manifold benefits for an individual.
, online lessons are extremely flexible.
For instance
, we can purchase courses and study anytime we want;
, we have more freedom to balance career and
, it is possible to learn remotely from anywhere with internet access in any educational platform or university around the globe. To illustrate, before, students had to go to England if they wanted to get a British degree;
option was less attractive for people with a limited budget. As it follows, learning online is cost-effective and time-efficient.
, studying remotely requires great motivation and discipline. Alternatively, in-person
can offer better social skills.
For example
, if students study in one group and see each other every day, their interpersonal skills get fostered. Clearly, social skills have vital importance on our careers and mental health.
, it is impossible to learn
subjects as medicine and engineering, because the emphasis is on practical not theory. For
reason, the importance of in-person
should not be neglected. To sum up, both methods of learning have advantages, it is difficult to prove that one is better than the other.
, I believe that everyone should learn how to balance online and classroom educations in order to benefit from both of them.
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